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Archive for August, 2009

  • Edwardian Antique Furniture (1901-1910)

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    So named for King Edward VII’s reign from 1901-1910, the Edwardian period continued the Victorian tradition of reviving and blending older styles. Typically, Edwardian furniture makers used mahogany, often in butterfly or quarter-veneer styles. Square tapered legs and spade feet were common. Satinwood was the favoured wood type for inlays, usually in combination with ebony. This post is the last…

  • Mahogany Gillows style antique card table

    August 2009 Antique Furniture Arrivals

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    This month's container arrived a few days ago and we thought we'd share a few of our favourite items with you.

  • Plying the Antique Lexicon

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    I have to confess that when I began writing this post, it opened with grandiose assertions of our industry's incomparable singularity and linguistic wealth. I wanted to stake a claim, to mark out a small, fertile patch of our tongue as a special semiotic niche just for the business and subculture of English antique furniture. But every specialist can (justly)…

  • Victorian Antique Furniture (1837-1901)

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    Named for Queen Victoria, whose reign lasted throughout the period, the Victorian period lasted from 1837 to 1901. Today, Victorian furniture is often considered the epitomized combination of orderliness and rich ornamentation. Indeed, furniture-makers at the time were so successful that succeeding styles took inspiration from the Victorian period, and even today many of the finest furniture styles (including our…

  • Photoshop & Antique Furniture: For Good or Ill

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    If you're a small, enterprising antique dealer like us, you might do your own photography. For our part, we've devoted a small section of our warehouse to an enclosed photo studio with a light set and a computer with Photoshop CS3. In this article, we discuss how we edit our photos for slick and realistic presentation.