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Archive for September, 2009

  • IKEA Offers to Furnish $2.7 Million Home

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    There is a great irony in furnishing a multimillion dollar home with furniture designed for dorm rooms. As IKEA offers to furnish a luxury home with decidedly un-luxurious decor, what does this mean for fine furniture?

  • Carved Oak Antique Furniture

    Putto or Cherub?

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    This isn't the type of question I ask very often, but a post about a Thomas Brooks Dresser over at Rare Victorian peaked my interest. John Werry raised the issue of whether the winged male child, shown at the top of this dresser as well as in countless other works of furniture and art, ought to be referred to as…

  • Divided We Fall? The Shared Plight of Antique Dealers

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    When asked to consider their relationship to other dealers in the industry, most antique furniture merchants will respond with one word: competition. Now of course this is a perfectly reasonable answer, and perfectly correct, but competitive rivalry doesn't exactly capture the nature of the business.