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Archive for October, 2009

  • Why Buy Reproduction Furniture?

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    So you may be in the market for antique furniture, but there are often good reasons for buying a reproduction. In this case, I want to talk about three reasons for choosing reproductions instead of antiques.

  • Finding Quality Reproduction Furniture

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    A host of fears and misconceptions haunt the idea of reproduction furniture—and in some cases, with good reason. Chinese junk, for instance, has long inundated the U.S. market, and some dealers aren't as honest as English Classics about where their items come from (and of course not all dealers get their stuff from England). But if you know what to…

  • Antique Furntiure Appraisals: Take Them with a Grain of Salt

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    What happens when antique furniture is appraised? How does an individual break into a market that privileges businesses? There are many options for selling appraised furniture, but they might not be the most obvious.