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Archive for March, 2011

  • Stupid Things People Do to Antique Furniture

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    Ever wonder why nice antiques are so hard to come by? People do all kinds of less-than-bright things to keep it that way, so to help you spot the problem before it starts, we've put together a list of what not to do...

  • How to Sell Your Antique Furniture Online

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    This is a question that we get fairly often. Selling furniture—and especially antiques—can be a very simple process, provided that you know what you're doing and you have the resources to do it. If not, then what is often a pleasant learning experience can turn into a frustrating push to dump unwanted furniture. To help, we've put together a few…

  • How to Determine the Value of Your Antique Furniture

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    Whether you are looking to sell a recently inherited antique, or whether you'd just like to know how much your furniture is worth, it is always important to know the value of antique furniture. However, acquiring that knowledge can often be the most frustrating part of selling or inheriting furniture, but knowing how to determine value and, more importantly, knowing…

  • Scott Antique Market March 2011

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    It's that time again: the best monthly antique show in the South is back. We just got a new shipment of beautiful antiques, so we've got plenty of cool stuff at the show! Come see Peter in the South Building, spaces H9-H10.

  • Sending Antique Furniture Pictures to Dealers

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    Every morning that I come into the office, I sit down and read through our emails with a cup of hot, black coffee. This morning, I opened an email containing what looked like a photograph of avant-garde artwork. When you work in or run an online business, this is the sort of non sequitor that you come to expect when…