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Archive for June, 2011

  • The Incredible Hulk Dies and Becomes a Chesterfield Sofa

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    It's true. The Incredible Hulk has perished in battle and we made him into a sofa.

  • Devil in the Details: Victorian Furniture, Art, & Today

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    At one time, craftsmen and their clients participated in a certain tradition of meaningful artistic expression, a cultural consciousness that demanded aesthetic significance even from everyday objects. Yes, on the one hand, Victorian bookcases of this quality would have been limited to a privileged few, but on the other hand, we can say that even today's fine contemporary furniture bears…

  • PWND: Antique Furniture and Digital Culture

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    Is Victorian furniture really any longer relevant to today's young professionals, who are turning in droves toward contemporary tastes and away from the venerable traditions of antique furniture? Is it possible to bridge the generational gap so that our industry can perpetuate itself? The short answer, in my view, is a resounding Yes.

  • Antique English Furniture: New Flickr Group

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    We started a new Flickr group for showcasing English antique furniture. Surprisingly, we're the first to do so.

  • How to Choose Wood Types in English Antique Furniture

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    Many people ask us for advice on which wood types to choose for their furniture. Basically, which wood you choose depends on the context: mahogany, walnut, yew, and elm, for example, are generally considered more "formal" wood types. Cherry, oak, and especially pine are usually used in country style furniture. However, these are only trends and guidelines—not rules.