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Archive for April, 2013

  • Wood of Antique Furniture Infographic

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    We have put together a handy infographic here to help distinguish not only the wood types of different antique furniture pieces but to determine if that wood type leans towards the piece being a formal or more rustic piece.

  • Antique Furniture of the World

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    For thirteen years, we have specialized in period English furniture. Some of our oldest pieces have dated back to the 17th century, although most of our antiques date from the 19th century and onwards. Yet, many of our clients don't know that we also carry non-English furniture. In the past, we have imported antique furniture from the Netherlands, France, Italy,…

  • Court Cupboards: What Are They?

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    We recently acquired a heavily carved buffet from England. After some research we learned that this particular piece is known as a "court cupboard." Court cupboards were popular from the 16th century through parts of the 18th century and often featured carved oak with multiple tiers, a straight face, and angled sides. However, there is more to the history of…

  • Ornately carved antique fire screen

    The Hot Topic of Antique Fire Screens

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    Because fire has been such an integral part of our everyday lives throughout history, it would stand to reason that many of the world's innovations revolve around it. The fire screen is one of those innovations. Antique fire screens come in many shapes, sizes, and styles, and today we are going to take a look at the reason for their…