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Archive for May, 2013

  • Mahogany coffee table with Chippendale characteristics.

    English Antique Furniture Maker Thomas Chippendale

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    Probably the single most well known name in the antique furniture industry is Thomas Chippendale. His artistic furniture designs have shaped furniture making not only in England and America but throughout the world for hundreds of years. I would consider him the most influential, most well known, and most versatile of the “Big Three” English furniture designers. Personal History of…

  • English Furniture: Understated or Flamboyant?

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    English furniture style is typically associated with the Georgian period. Lasting for over a century, the Georgian period produced many of the most influential designs still used today. Beginning in 1714 and ending in 1820, this period saw not only the reign of the first four King Georges, but also such famous cabinetmakers and designers as the “Big Three,” Thomas…

  • Antique Furniture Carved Monkey Head

    The Many Faces of Antique Furniture

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    In keeping with our recent post, Antique Furniture of the World, we want to highlight some of the "faces" of antique furniture, which come from France, the Netherlands, England, and parts of Asia. Enjoy!

  • Our website is faster than ever!

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    We're always tinkering with our site to improve speed and convenience for our customers. Our most recent improvement has made browsing through our considerable collection much faster. Check out our antique furniture catalog to see!