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Archive for June, 2013

  • We don't recommend Pledge for antique furniture care

    Antique Furniture Care Guidelines

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    So you have just purchased a lovely piece of antique furniture. You hunted, measured, and haggled. You tied it to the roof of your Volkswagen and miraculously got it up the stairs into your home and exactly where it needs to go to complete the perfect room. Now what? Antique furniture is an investment, just like the Volkswagen you brought…

  • Drawing of bench by George Hepplewhite

    George Hepplewhite’s Antique Furniture Contributions

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    Considered one of the “Big Three” English antique furniture designers, George Hepplewhite falls chronologically in between Thomas Chippendale and Thomas Sheraton. Like the others of this elite group he is said to have written an influential antique furniture design guide, but unlike his peers there is some doubt as to whether or not he actually wrote his book. His book…

  • Otterburn Castle

    Historic Otterburn Castle in England

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    Otterburn Castle is currently a converted hotel known as Otterburn Tower in Northumberland, England that is chock full of history, paintings, and beautiful furniture. The original tower was built in 1086, so the site is much older than anything we can find locally here in the United States. The structure has been repaired and rebuilt over the last almost 1,000…