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Archive for August, 2013

  • How To Remove Packing Marks From Antique Furniture

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    We’ve posted our first instructional video on YouTube demonstrating the proper technique for remove light packing material marks from wax, shellac, or lacquer finishes. Enjoy!

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    Antique Furniture Funnies

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    From time to time we stumble across some very funny material related to the antique furniture industry. Today I thought I would share some of those with you; a little laughter never hurts!

  • Antique pedestal desk

    Beauty in All the Right Places

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    We have a corner in our showroom that we've set up as an office. Behind a richly finished burl walnut desk and a button leather armchair stands an eight-foot bookcase, wide as it is tall and lined with books. To the left, an oxblood leather Chesterfield sofa; to the right, a burl walnut cabinet with a warm lamp.

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    Antique Furniture FAQ

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    English Classics has been in the antique furniture business since 1999 and we have been asked countless questions over the years. We field questions about furniture that is ours and other people’s daily. Our area of expertise is, obviously, English antique furniture but many questions we receive could pertain to pieces from any country of origin. We hope you will…