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Archive for September, 2013

  • fall antique furniture

    Decorating Your Antique Furniture For Fall

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    With the leaves and temperatures both dropping outside, we often start to look away from our gardens and yards that we spend so much of the warmer months cultivating and enjoying to the interior of our home. The changing of the seasons are the best times to freshen up decor and get ourselves in the mood for the coming season.…

  • The Aura of Antique Furniture

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    As the hyper-stimulated pace of modern life swirls around us, carrying with it a plethora of freshly minted synthetic ephemera, many dealers have begun to wonder how today's mainstream culture relates to antiques. It is common knowledge, after all, that most collectors average over forty years of age or more, leading many to conclude that younger generations have lost interest,…

  • upholstered arm chair

    A Look At Mohair Velvet Upholstery Fabrics

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    The classic English sofa attains its “classic” status by having the right combinations of design/form and a correctly upholstered, quality finish. Here we will just look at upholstery and, in particular, mohair velvet upholstery fabrics. Classic furniture was made to last; typified by great craftsmanship. Consequently you will find many old sofas use mohair velvet fabric such as that sold…