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Aviator Furniture is Here

Aviator Furniture is Here
January 22, 2016 English Classics Team

Since English Classics began in 1999 we have always been a traditional antique furniture dealer. We specialize in fine mahogany…dare I say brown furniture that has a timeless look and blends well in any setting. This is our passion and we do not plan to stray too far from it, however, we have run across a really unique and exciting line that we could not resist adding to our selection. Aviator furniture came about as people took decommissioned air planes and used their parts to make pieces for the home or office. In particular, the wings made excellent desks and the aluminum from the fuselages could be made into almost anything. What we have here is a great selection of pieces in this style or that fit in with that kind of retro look. We have:

union jack chair

The Union Jack egg chair, the shell being riveted aluminum.

stars and stripes aviation egg chair

Another egg chair but this one decorated with the good old Stars and Stripes.

airplane wing desk

A wing desk sure to impress all of your guests!

aviator trunk desk

Combining the air plane idea with a leather travel trunk we get this worldly aviator trunk desk.