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Behind the Scenes: Custom Furniture Making

Behind the Scenes: Custom Furniture Making
February 4, 2016 English Classics Team
cabinet maker

If you have browsed any of our fine reproduction furniture you will have noticed two things. First, the quality and beauty of the pieces is unparalleled. Second, they can all be made in custom sizes, wood types, configurations, etc. What you see in the images on our website are the finished products. They are the results of many, many man-hours of hard work and skilled labor by a small team of furniture makers in England. Their ability to produce custom furniture that will become the antiques of tomorrow is amazing! We thought it would be nice to share a glimpse of that process and the people behind it, so they English office put together some pictures and sent them over for everyone to enjoy.

cabinet maker

Sanding down the wood to ensure a smooth and proper finish is done by hand.

door installation

Here some doors are being fitted to a bookcase. They will be glazed (glass installed) after the piece is stained and finished.

hand carving

Hand carved details are a time consuming process, but ultimately provide elegant results.

work room

One of the work rooms where moldings are created.

hand cut moldings

Finished moldings are hand cut to an exact fit for each piece individually.

walnut finish

A little preview of how the walnut drawer in the white will look when finished.

hand finished furniture

Each piece is painstakingly hand polished, building up layers of finish one stage at a time.

cabinet maker team

The cabinet maker team in England.