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  • walnut sideboard

    The Difference Between Wood Color and Finish

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    A brief discussion of the common misconceptions and the difference between wood color and wood finish.

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  • The First Use of the File Cabinet

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    I am the first to agree that the need for paper filing is on the decline, however, I think we are a very long time away from being without it. There is some security in having a hard copy of important papers, knowing they won’t be disintegrated by an errant pulse of electricity or hijacked by some modern-day ransomer behind…

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  • Frederick Tibbenham Ltd. Furniture

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    We recently listed this lovely piece in our store which prompted my research into this company: You see this maker’s mark is affixed to the back: Finding a maker’s mark is always exciting for us. What is surprising to most people is that most of the furniture produced in England (whether antique or vintage) was not marked by its maker.…

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  • antique pub table

    Where Does the Name Pub Table Come From?

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    I think most of us are accustomed to seeing draw leaf tables like this one: This type of piece is commonly given the name “pub table” and I am often asked why this is. I believe this term was coined either by dealers in England who sold furniture to American antique stores, or by the American antique stores themselves. It…

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  • cabinet maker

    Behind the Scenes: Custom Furniture Making

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    If you have browsed any of our fine reproduction furniture you will have noticed two things. First, the quality and beauty of the pieces is unparalleled. Second, they can all be made in custom sizes, wood types, configurations, etc. What you see in the images on our website are the finished products. They are the results of many, many man-hours…

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  • Aviator Furniture is Here

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    Since English Classics began in 1999 we have always been a traditional antique furniture dealer. We specialize in fine mahogany…dare I say brown furniture that has a timeless look and blends well in any setting. This is our passion and we do not plan to stray too far from it, however, we have run across a really unique and exciting…

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  • antique dresser

    How To Make Antique Dresser Drawers Slide More Easily

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    There is nothing more deflating than bringing home your new antique dresser and having one of the drawers require a four horse team to pull it open. If this has happened to you we have a few suggestions that will help you get into that sweater drawer without straining a muscle. First we must determine how the drawer is sliding.…

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  • built-in bookcase alternative

    Built-in Bookcase Alternative

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    Recently, we had a customer contact us about doing a rather grandiose bookcase for her library. She was looking for an alternative to having a built-in done. We worked with her for several weeks coming up with a plan and drawing, working out the details and specifics, and confirming measurements. Our furniture maker in England took this information and proved…

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  • round table with leaves

    Custom Dining Tables

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    For both utility and beauty the dining room table is central to making your room special. So many celebrations are had there and memories made. Our options for making custom dining tables are sure to give you the ideal centerpiece for your home! From size to style to wood, we can do just about anything to create the perfect piece…

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  • rectangle dining table

    How to Choose The Right Dining Table Size for Your Room

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    As the central piece of the room, choosing the right size and style for your dining table is an important decision. There is nothing worse than having buyer’s remorse once one of the most pivotal pieces of furniture in your home has been delivered. Using the below guidelines we feel you can successfully answer the important questions about the right…

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