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  • cabinet maker

    Behind the Scenes: Custom Furniture Making

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    If you have browsed any of our fine reproduction furniture you will have noticed two things. First, the quality and beauty of the pieces is unparalleled. Second, they can all be made in custom sizes, wood types, configurations, etc. What you see in the images on our website are the finished products. They are the results of many, many man-hours…

  • built-in bookcase alternative

    Built-in Bookcase Alternative

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    Recently, we had a customer contact us about doing a rather grandiose bookcase for her library. She was looking for an alternative to having a built-in done. We worked with her for several weeks coming up with a plan and drawing, working out the details and specifics, and confirming measurements. Our furniture maker in England took this information and proved…

  • antique writing slope

    Different Types of Antique Boxes

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    Antique boxes have been used throughout the world for centuries as storage and safe guard for valuables, utilitarian needs, and decoration. They were often a status symbol, a way for people to show off their wealth. Antique boxes can be found that were made in a variety of materials and used for dozens of purposes. In this article we will…

  • Why Is A Raven Like A Writing Desk?

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    We receive questions and comments daily from customers about all things furniture. These questions and comments have a wide range and go well beyond what you would first think of when looking at our lovely selection of antique furniture. We get questions about repairs and value, shipping and insurance, and sometimes history of furniture. Several of our customers have asked…

  • Linen press and bookcases

    Home Decorating With Antique Furniture

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    We are proud to have many return clients here at English Classics.  One of these clients has been purchasing antique and reproduction furniture from us for many years now.  They were kind enough to let us come and take a few photos of their home showcasing how they were able to use some of the beautiful pieces they have purchased…

  • fall antique furniture

    Decorating Your Antique Furniture For Fall

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    With the leaves and temperatures both dropping outside, we often start to look away from our gardens and yards that we spend so much of the warmer months cultivating and enjoying to the interior of our home. The changing of the seasons are the best times to freshen up decor and get ourselves in the mood for the coming season.…

  • upholstered arm chair

    A Look At Mohair Velvet Upholstery Fabrics

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    The classic English sofa attains its “classic” status by having the right combinations of design/form and a correctly upholstered, quality finish. Here we will just look at upholstery and, in particular, mohair velvet upholstery fabrics. Classic furniture was made to last; typified by great craftsmanship. Consequently you will find many old sofas use mohair velvet fabric such as that sold…

  • speech bubble

    Antique Furniture Funnies

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    From time to time we stumble across some very funny material related to the antique furniture industry. Today I thought I would share some of those with you; a little laughter never hurts!

  • Breakfront buffet sideboard

    Custom Furniture: How Far Can You Go?

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    Many of the phone calls we get on a day to day basis are regarding some of the wonderful reproductions we carry. Since being able to have a piece of furniture custom made to your specifications is not a common ability most companies have, I figured I would give you some examples of exactly what we can do.

  • Torn up sofa.

    Top 10 Antique Furniture Repair Mistakes

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    We come across our fair share of broken antique furniture here at English Classics. Necessity has taught us a thing or two about what NOT to do when we have something that needs fixing, and we have compiled a list of common mistakes people make when attempting to right an "oops."