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  • leather chesterfield

    Antique Furniture FAQ

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    English Classics has been in the antique furniture business since 1999 and we have been asked countless questions over the years. We field questions about furniture that is ours and other people’s daily. Our area of expertise is, obviously, English antique furniture but many questions we receive could pertain to pieces from any country of origin. We hope you will…

  • Adams style decorating example

    Antique Furniture in the Style of the Brothers Adam

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    “Style of the Brothers Adam” is the technically correct term for referring to what most people in the antique furniture industry call “Adams Style”. The three Adams brothers (Robert, John, and James) are responsible for helping break furniture styles of the time out of the rut of the gaudy and back to a more clean, traditional look. History of the…

  • We don't recommend Pledge for antique furniture care

    Antique Furniture Care Guidelines

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    So you have just purchased a lovely piece of antique furniture. You hunted, measured, and haggled. You tied it to the roof of your Volkswagen and miraculously got it up the stairs into your home and exactly where it needs to go to complete the perfect room. Now what? Antique furniture is an investment, just like the Volkswagen you brought…

  • Drawing of bench by George Hepplewhite

    George Hepplewhite’s Antique Furniture Contributions

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    Considered one of the “Big Three” English antique furniture designers, George Hepplewhite falls chronologically in between Thomas Chippendale and Thomas Sheraton. Like the others of this elite group he is said to have written an influential antique furniture design guide, but unlike his peers there is some doubt as to whether or not he actually wrote his book. His book…

  • Mahogany coffee table with Chippendale characteristics.

    English Antique Furniture Maker Thomas Chippendale

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    Probably the single most well known name in the antique furniture industry is Thomas Chippendale. His artistic furniture designs have shaped furniture making not only in England and America but throughout the world for hundreds of years. I would consider him the most influential, most well known, and most versatile of the “Big Three” English furniture designers. Personal History of…

  • Wood of Antique Furniture Infographic

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    We have put together a handy infographic here to help distinguish not only the wood types of different antique furniture pieces but to determine if that wood type leans towards the piece being a formal or more rustic piece.

  • Court Cupboards: What Are They?

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    We recently acquired a heavily carved buffet from England. After some research we learned that this particular piece is known as a "court cupboard." Court cupboards were popular from the 16th century through parts of the 18th century and often featured carved oak with multiple tiers, a straight face, and angled sides. However, there is more to the history of…

  • Ornately carved antique fire screen

    The Hot Topic of Antique Fire Screens

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    Because fire has been such an integral part of our everyday lives throughout history, it would stand to reason that many of the world's innovations revolve around it. The fire screen is one of those innovations. Antique fire screens come in many shapes, sizes, and styles, and today we are going to take a look at the reason for their…

  • Bugging Out About Shellac

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    One of the highest forms of finish on fine antique furniture is a French polish done in stages of shellac. Shellac was used commonly to finish furniture up until the mid 20th century when varnish and lacquer became popular due to their relative ease of use. More surprising--and fascinating--is where it comes from.

  • Thomas Sheraton: The Non-Cabinetmaking Cabinetmaker

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    Thomas Sheraton was the last of the "big three" English furniture designers who wrote the famous four volume "The Cabinet-Maker and Upholsterer's Drawing Book." Like so many ambitious characters in history, his genius was not fully realized until after his death when his book gained widespread popularity.