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Custom Dining Tables

Custom Dining Tables
February 26, 2015 English Classics Team
round table with leaves

For both utility and beauty the dining room table is central to making your room special. So many celebrations are had there and memories made. Our options for making custom dining tables are sure to give you the ideal centerpiece for your home! From size to style to wood, we can do just about anything to create the perfect piece for you.

Crafting Custom Dining Tables

All of our heirloom quality reproduction pieces are hand crafted over in England. The family owned cabinet maker we use is a third and fourth generation (father and son) team the use time honored techniques to craft furniture that was made the same way they did it 200 years ago and will last for generations in the future. Central to their process is a seven stage hand finish which leaves the wood with a warm, rich, and antique-looking sheen.
The first step in creating your own custom dining table would be to determine the overall style you are interested in. We use the two main categories of formal and rustic. Formal dining room tables are most often of mahogany or walnut and have a less distressed look while rustic tables are most often cherry or oak. Other wood choices include elm, yew, and ash. We do have a page showing color samples of the various woods here.
Shape and size are the next decisions to make when putting together your custom dining table. Many factors affect how large a table you can have and whether it should be round, oval, rectangular, or square. Since this is such an indepth subject, we have devoted an entire article to it which you can read here.

Custom Options

Once you have determined your ideal shape, size, and wood you will need to pick either a pedestal base or leg style depending the type of dining room table you are after. All of these options can be found here. Your options don’t stop with what is shown there. Our fantastic team in England can create anything you can think of. If you don’t see what you want on our pages send us a picture or drawing and we will work with you from those to create the perfect custom dining table!
Here are some images of custom tables we have done in the past: