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Custom Leather Types

Below is a list of custom leather types that we offer for our custom furniture. Click on any of the images to enlarge them. Costs vary for each selection of leather, which will be reflected in any quote that we offer. Please be aware that leather is a natural product, and although we try to create a faithful colour match on-screen, the shading in the leather can vary in the finished product.

Traditional Antique Leathers

This selection of custom leathers has been finished with two contrasting colors. The second coat is partially removed during the crafting process in order to produce an antique appearance.

Superior Old English Leathers

This range of leather has been crafted from superior aniline hide and finished for a two-toned, slightly waxed appearance. No two leather samples look the same.

Full Grain Windsor Leathers

This leather set has been embossed with an attractive grain detail to produce a solid, uniform appearance in the material.

Premium Vintage Leathers

This selection of custom leather is unique to our expert craftsmen in England. The highest quality of rawhide undergoes a finely tuned tanning process and is distressed to produce a truly genuine, beautiful antique appearance.