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Custom Furniture: How Far Can You Go?

Custom Furniture: How Far Can You Go?
February 26, 2013 Peter Hemerlein
Breakfront buffet sideboard

Many of the phone calls we get on a day to day basis are regarding some of the wonderful reproductions we carry.  You will notice that each product in the reproduction range has a button that says “customize” which takes you to our custom furniture page. Since being able to have a piece of furniture custom made to your specifications is not a common ability most companies have, I figured I would give you some examples of exactly what we can do.  Below are some images of custom furniture pieces that we have made in the past either using an existing model as the base and tweaking it in some way, or completely from scratch using a picture or drawing.

Tall walnut bookcase.A good example of customizing dimensions, this bookcase was made using our existing JB140w Triple Open Bookcase with Doors.  The customer had a more narrow space and higher ceilings so we had the maker do a custom bookcase measuring almost nine feet tall.

Mahogany linen pressHere is another piece that we had done in custom dimensions, but also did a custom interior to house the size TV the customer had and certain electronic peripherals they wanted to include inside.  Based on JB143 Antique Style Mahogany Linen Cabinet, this press included the standard features such as doors that swing all the way to the sides, hand cut dovetails, and a hand rubbed finish but also a custom feature of an interior pull out slide that the TV would sit on.

Cherry partners desk.Custom desks are probably some of the more popular pieces we sell.  This desk illustrates our ability to customize the wood type of your piece.  Most of our desks are offered in a mahogany or walnut, but this was done in cherry and we customized the finish to a natural color to allow the natural beauty of the cherry wood to show as it ages.  Our standard wood types and finishes can be found on our custom wood types page, but we can also do a custom color finish or find an unusual wood.

Buffet bookcaseNow we are starting to get into some of the pieces that were done either from pictures or drawn up from scratch.  This custom breakfront bookcase was thought up using components from several different pieces we carry.  The result is a beautiful piece that fit the functional needs of the customer perfectly!

Breakfront buffet sideboardThis custom breakfront buffet was created using a line drawing that the customer sent in.  Sending us a line drawing or picture is the perfect way to start the process of creating the exact piece of furniture you are looking for especially if its something very specific or unusual.  The phrase “A picture’s worth a thousand words.” really does apply here!

Walnut file cabinet on French legs.Perhaps my most favorite type of custom furniture is the kind that a customer calls in with a verbal description of what they want and we do a drawing for them.  It is very satisfying to help create the exact piece you need.  The above two drawer file cabinet on French legs is one such piece.  We even thought to include a wall mount so the piece would not tip when both drawers filled with heavy files were pulled out.

From tiny details such as hardware and feet to large projects that exist only in a picture or vision, it can all be done.  With our knowledgeable team and the skilled craftsman in England you can have your custom furniture done any way you please!