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Frederick Tibbenham Ltd. Furniture

Frederick Tibbenham Ltd. Furniture
February 26, 2016 English Classics Team

We recently listed this lovely piece in our store which prompted my research into this company:

vintage stereo console

A beautiful vintage stereo console with amazing wood grain.

You see this maker’s mark is affixed to the back:
frederick tibbenham ltd stereo console

The label on the back for Frederick Tibbenham Ltd.

Finding a maker’s mark is always exciting for us. What is surprising to most people is that most of the furniture produced in England (whether antique or vintage) was not marked by its maker. This makes tracing lineage of these items very difficult. Other times the mark will be of a company with little or no information to be found. In this instance though, the Frederick Tibbenham Ltd. company does have a good history online and we enjoyed learning about it.
A quick recap of the company would be that it was started in 1904 in Ipswich, England. Mr. Tibbenham was cabinet maker and eventually held a Royal Warrant for furniture making. This means they would have produced furniture for the royal court at some point. Many of their goods were exported to the US and they also did restoration. You can read more detailed information about their establishment here.
There are also a couple of interesting old photos of the workshops which can be viewed here.

The above shown stereo cabinet is the first piece we have been fortunate enough to come by from the company, but we are eager to see more. The quality of the construction and finish is quite high. If you own a piece of their antique furniture then you are quite lucky!