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Pair of Antique Bookcases Carved
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  • ec1939-40-pair-antique-bookcases
    This is a rare French Renaissance style pair antique bookcases in carved oak.
  • ec1939-40-bookcase-door-carvings
    Again these carvings differ slightly, but together they look complete.
  • ec1939-40-moulding-feet
    The bottom mouldings are also carved and the bun feet are strong and sturdy.
  • ec1939-40-pair-bookcase-carvings
    These carved columns differ slightly but complement each other very well.
  • ec1939-40-pair-antique-bookcase-sides
    The angle of this side picture makes one bookcase look smaller than the other when in reality they are only .25" apart in size.
  • ec1939-40-antique-bookcase-pair-interior
    Both bookcases open to reveal large storage areas with shelves.
  • ec1939-40-side-detail
    There is a slight age separation on the left side of this bookcase.
  • ec1939-40-alligator-brackets
    The alligator brackets provide strong, versatile shelf support.
  • ec1939-40-moulding-damage
    This back moulding has a small damaged spot.
  • ec1939-40-carved-moulding
    The oak wood has a lovely patina and the hand carvings are very well done.
  • ec1939-40-dovetailed-drawer
    All of the drawers are constructed with hand cut dovetails. This is a sign of high quality craftsmanship and authenticity.
  • ec1939-40-door-carving
    This close up shows the level of detail in the intricate door carvings.
  • ec1939-40-backs
    The backs are clean and look very similar.

Pair of Antique Bookcases Carved

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SKU: EC1939-EC1940 Shipping: Free! Availability: Sold Origin Date: 1890 Condition: Excellent Dimensions: 54" w x 21" d x 91" h Wood: Oak Customizable: No Category: Tags: , ,

Product Description

What a unique and pleasant listing we have here! This pair of antique bookcases are from Europe and were made in the French Renaissance (or Henri II) style around 1890. It is very hard to find a pair of bookcases and these are exquisite examples.

Pair of Antique Bookcases

It is important to note right away that this pair does have some slight differences, as you would expect from hand made pieces over 120 years old. The left bookcase is a half shade darker than the right and some of the carvings are different. If not put exactly side by side, you would never even see these differences and even side by side you have to really be looking. The intricate hand carvings of the bookcases are so detailed and awe-inspiring that you can spend a long time just enjoying looking at them. The carvings of this pair antique bookcases consist of flora and vegetation as well as geometric carvings. Even the handles of the drawers are done as crisscrossing branches.

Function and Construction

Behind the arched glass doors of each bookcase are two adjustable wooden shelves. These shelves adjust via an alligator bracket system. Both the glass doors and the lower wood cabinet doors lock and there are a total of four keys included with these bookcases. Each bookcase in the pair has two drawers for additional storage. These drawers are constructed with hand cut dovetails and open and close very smoothly.


This pair of antique bookcases is clean and ready to go right into your home or office. They are strong and sturdy and will last for generations as heirloom pieces. They have only a few minor cosmetic issues which have been pictured. First is a small piece of broken moulding on the back corner of one bookcase. The second is an age separation in the paneled side on the left side of one bookcase. These are very minor and do not detract from the bookcases. Therefore we have given this pair an excellent rating. These bookcases do break down into two parts each (top and bottom) for easier moving.

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