Antique Style Elm Revolving Bookcase

Elegance and functionality are the words that come to mind when one sees this hand crafted antique style elm revolving bookcase. With a quality that can only be achieved from being hand made in England, this revolving bookcase will make a fine addition to any home or office for generations to come.

Elm revolving bookcase

A fine burled elm is used on the top of this revolving bookcase. The furniture maker has treated the wood to an elaborate finishing process leaving a gorgeous finish that looks like it has been around for many, many years. The corners of the top are canted (cut) so there are no sharp edges to catch on when the bookcase is turned or when you pass by it. The canted corners also give the revolving bookcase a more elegant feel than a simple square top would. The top of the bookcase is cross banded, a technique of inserting the veneer around the edges so that its grain is contrary to the rest of the top. Details like these are what make this piece a high quality, heirloom piece.

Fine English Craftsmanship

This revolving bookcase was recently hand crafted in England by a third generation furniture maker. His care and attention to detail have made this a very sturdy piece of furniture. The plinth base sits firmly on the floor while everything above it rotates easily. A thick center column holds the weight of the shelves and decorative slats run up the left side of each of the four bookcase sides. Each slat is held firmly with three antiqued brass brads. This revolving bookcase is made to hold heavy books and can even support a heavy lamp as well.

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