Antique Style Linen Press

This antique style walnut linen press was recently bench-made in England and imported directly to our antique furniture store here in Atlanta, GA, USA. The stunning burl walnut, having been treated to an elaborate finishing process that includes hand-distressing and hand-polishing, displays a wonderfully rich complexion and grain. As you can see from the pictures, this antique style linen press piece has a very elegant and timeless look which should look great in any well-decorated home. Aside from being beautiful, this linen press is very functional and versatile. For instance, the two main doors feature a working lock and key, and inside is an alligator bracket shelving system so you can adjust your shelves easily. Also, the doors utilize an unusual and convenient type of hinge which will allow them to swing all the way around and sit flat against the sides of the linen press so you can enjoy it completely open when you need it without having to worry about big bulky doors swinging around and taking up space. The lower section of this antique style linen press contains four drawers, each boasting dovetailed joints (a sign of high-quality craftsmanship), brass pulls which further add to the elegant appearance, and working locks and keys. This antique style linen press, whether used as a TV cabinet or for storing other items, would make a fine addition to any home furniture collection!

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