Antique Style Mahogany Revolving Bookcase

This elegant mahogany revolving bookcase was recently crafted in England. Like all of our quality period furniture, the materials used and the techniques that refined them are of the highest caliber in English cabinetry. The mahogany itself was treated to a rich stain, then finished and rubbed with a fine coat of wax. Just as caretakers and collectors have done for hundreds of years, this wax coating can be repaired and maintained by reapplying wax twice a year. Further embellishing the top is a period style fan inlay. A series of brass brads, which secure the distinctive slats to the bookcase’s structure, contrast quite well with the mahogany, forming a mellow complement to the darker wood. Certainly no detail was lost on this piece; not only is the top beautifully vignetted thanks to a skillfully executed finishing process, but each shelf is finely finished to bring out the considerable beauty of the mahogany.

Such is the organic character of period style furniture like this bookcase, which offers a striking combination of beautiful design and a functionality that feels decidedly modern. Yet, for centuries now, very little has changed in the design or use in revolving bookcases like this one. A total of eight distinct sections provide book storage (each section measuring 9.25″ wide x 6.5″ deep x 12.75″ tall), which is conveniently accessible simply by rotating this lovely bookcase around its sturdy plinth base. Due to its modest height and compact usability, this bookcase would function quite well as a side table next to seating, so it is well-suited to multiple purposes. Indeed, historically these bookcases have been collected not only for their use or classic design, but precisely for the combination of the two. This revolving bookcase would certainly make a fine addition to any period English furniture collection!

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