Antique Yew Breakfront Bookcase with Secretary

This stunning yew breakfront bookcase was crafted in England in the 1960’s. Fitted with an array of shelves, drawers, and a secretary desk, it contains a substantial amount of storage space ideal for living room or office furniture collections.

Clever antique design yields modern functionality

Without a doubt, this luxurious bookcase is every bit as functional as it is beautiful. The astragal glass top–suitable either for storing books or for displaying decorative items–contains a total of nine fully adjustable shelves. The middle shelves are 11.25″ deep and the side section shelves are 9.5″ deep. The bottom cabinets contain three removable shelves, while two drawers on the sides provide convenient storage. The central drawer opens to reveal an elegant secretary with three small drawers, several compartments, and a writing surface of rich, green leather bordered by gold tooling. Measuring 30″ wide and 12.5″ deep, it offers a tidy workspace that can be put away or left out for decoration when not in use.

Beautiful Georgian style

It is little wonder that Georgian period furniture made such a mark on cabinetry that its styles are still reproduced today. This breakfront bookcase is quite beautiful, with rich yew wood, astragal glass, dentil molding, and brass hardware. The breakfront design itself is also quite beautiful, adding depth and complexity to a bookcase that is already quite lovely in its own right. Finally the pediment and brass finial at the top provide the bookcase with an elegant, finished look at the top. The result is a classic antique style bookcase that would complement any formal dining room or office furniture setting.

Very good vintage condition

After half a century, this breakfront bookcase remains as sturdy as the day it was made. The top rests firmly on the unwavering base. The drawers operate smoothly. All of the doors continue to lock with an accompanying skeleton key–and all of their original mechanisms intact. The secretary drawer is very sturdy and the fall opens and latches shut very easily. The exterior or face of the secretary has sustained a small bit of wear. The leather inlay has also sustained some small wear marks. This light level of distressing adds to the breakfront bookcase’s considerable character and antique charm. Overall, it remains in very good condition and would make a fine addition to any antique furniture collection!

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