Antique Single Pedestal Dining Table In Yew Wood

Done is a spectacular yew wood, this single pedestal dining table will serve your family for years to come. It makes a great table for the dining room, kitchen, or as a small conference table.

Single Pedestal Dining Table

While on our hunts for wonderful antique furniture in England sometimes we find great pieces of yew wood furniture like this single pedestal dining table. I love yew wood which has a mellow color and wispy grain that is often speckled with tiny knots or “birds eyes”. Yew is a wood native to England and was the wood originally used to make the English long bow back in the Medieval era. It is also used to make beautiful musical instruments. We have dated this table to about 1960 and of English origin. The maker complemented the yew wood top by adding a mahogany cross banded border. This border helps define the round shape of the single pedestal dining table.
The pedestal is a turned pedestal with four splay legs that end in brass claw foot casters.


We have rated the condition of this round table as good. It is sturdy and strong and ready for everyday use. The only flaw is a small repaired section of the banding which we have included a close up photo of. This is all that prevents the piece from being considered excellent condition. The repair was well done and is not glaringly obvious.
Overall this is a great table that will serve your home or office for many years to come! The height from the floor to the bottom of the apron is 26.75″

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