Brass Inlaid Antique Dining Table

With room to easily seat eight people, this brass inlaid antique dining table would be a great addition to any home or a fancy conference table in any office. It features subtle brass inlays on the table and pedestals.

Antique Dining Table

This traditional double pedestal table has one 21″ leaf. The leaf allows the table to extend from 64″ to 85″ long. A thin brass string inlay goes around the perimeter of the table and a small decorative brass design is inlaid where the table edges meet. Brass string inlays and decorative inlays also adorn each of the splay legs. The legs also have an exterior brass decoration at the top where they join the pedestal. These inlays are well done and look great in the warm mahogany wood.
Originally made around 1960, this table is of English origin. The mahogany wood has developed a lovely color that will go with almost any furniture. It is a strong and sturdy table that will stand up to everyday use. There are two cosmetic issues to point out. Some of the finish on the brass inlay on one edge of the table has worn off, leaving a shinier brass than the rest of the table. There is an indentation on one side of the table which we have shown a close up of in the photos. This indentation is still finished like the rest of the table and is not a scratch. It actually gives the top a little bit of character and does not look bad. It’s only visible when looking closely at the top.

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