Burl Walnut Bookcase with Doors

This stunning burl walnut bookcase was recently handmade in England using the finest materials available. The result is a bookcase that is every bit as functional as it is beautiful–a true heirloom quality bookcase that would make an excellent addition to any period furniture collection.

Rich burl walnut

A popular wood throughout the centuries of English cabinetry, burl walnut remains a favorite in fine furniture today. It is prized for its distinctive grain and rich complexion, which both become more pronounced with an expert finishing process. Few burl walnut bookcases receive the care and attention that this one has, resulting in an impressive display. The cabinet doors especially showcase the lovely wood in all its natural yet refined splendor.

Traditional bookcase design

From the cornice to the plinth base, every detail in this bookcase descends from a long and venerable tradition in English cabinetry. The top five shelves are fully adjustable with alligator brackets, an easy-to-use system that dates back hundreds of years. Each shelf is thick and sturdy, ideal for any office storage use: even the heaviest of books will not stress this strong bookshelf. Finally the cabinet doors lock with an accompanying skeleton key; both the key and the locking mechanism were also made in England by a traditional forger.

Excellent condition

Because this burl walnut bookcase was crafted using such fine materials and techniques, it is extremely sturdy and overwhelmingly beautiful. As the years pass, a rich patina will settle into the burl walnut, enhancing its beauty as only time can do. It will remain as sturdy as ever for many decades to come. This is truly an heirloom quality office bookcase!

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