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Office Chairs

Antique Office Chairs

Antique office chairs are more rare than most other kinds of chairs. They often sustain the most use and therefore do not last as long as other office furniture pieces. The antique office chairs we find are sturdy and ready for every day use. Most office chairs are made with wood and covered in fine leather, although we have seen a few fabric upholstered ones as well.

When we purchase an antique office chair we first inspect the chair for structural soundness. If we deem the chair to be sturdy enough for everyday use we then inspect the condition of its upholstery. By accepting only pieces that pass our high standards we are able to provide you with antique office chairs that will serve your everyday needs.

Reproduction Office Chairs

Our supply of reproduction office chairs comes directly from England. The maker there has over 40 years of experience in producing leather upholstered furniture. He uses only the highest grade hides and crafts each chair with care and attention to detail. These reproduction office chairs come complete with a pneumatic adjustable height, tilt control, and smooth rolling casters. All leather is aniline dyed and
the frames are solid mahogany wood.

Our collection of antique and replica office chairs is perfect for any office setting as your main desk chair or as accent chairs. In each chair you will find comfort, quality, and elegance are all rolled into one.