English Cherry Farmhouse Dining Table

This antique style farm table is English-made by hand and imported to our furniture store here in Atlanta, GA. The solid cherry, being been distressed, finished and waxed all by hand, displays an incredibly rich complexion and a distinct grain that will continue to grow more beautiful as time passes. Crafted with a simple elegance, this table may rest on a variety of optional legs, including square-tapered and French styles, and the only adornment that it bears is a groove along the skirt. At seven and a half feet long, this table can seat eight people comfortably so it would be a perfectly charming piece for formal occasions in addition to daily use. In fact, the beauty of country style English furniture of this calibre is that it is simple enough that it retains a kind of charming, comfortable appeal, while it is finely crafted and beautiful enough to suit any occasion.

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