English Walnut Writing Table

This burl walnut writing table was recently English-made by hand as a reproduction of a Georgian period antique. Every aspect of this writing table is of the absolute highest quality. For example, the burl walnut looks great, with a nice color and very pronounced grain that are accented by satinwood herringbone inlays. The three drawers come equipped with solid brass hardware, which compliments the walnut very nicely, and they also have dovetailed joints, which are a sign of excellent craftsmanship. The top of this writing table is inlaid with fine, green leather bordered with decorative gold tooling. The leather really makes a great writing surface, far superior to wood, glass, metal, or plastic. The middle drawer can function as a regular drawer or a drop down keyboard drawer. All three of the drawers lock with included keys. The back of this writing desk is fully finished. This relieves you of the constraint of having to put the back of the desk against a wall and opens up decorating options. This superior antique style writing table would make a fine addition to any home or office.
The height from the floor to the bottom of the desk is 24″.

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