Flame Mahogany Two-Drawer File Cabinet

This exquisite flame mahogany file cabinet was recently hand-crafted in England by a third-generation cabinetmaker. Every detail, from the materials used to the techniques employed to refine them, speaks of the absolute highest quality in Old World cabinetry today. The exquisite selection of flame mahogany and satinwood inlays have been richly finished and hand-rubbed with a coat of fine wax. The resulting appearance is not only astonishing in its detail and depth, but will also stand the test of time, growing more beautiful as the years pass. To this end, the wax coating helps both protect and enrich the natural beauty of the wood, completing the elaborate finishing process. The wax coating should be re-applied twice a year to maintain its integrity, keeping this fine cabinet beautiful and protected.

Of course, this is only part of what makes this file cabinet a truly heirloom-quality piece–exactly the type of time-defying mastery that can be handed down through the generations. A series of solid brass swan neck pulls adorn the drawer fronts, providing a mellow and natural-looking contrast with the flame mahogany and satinwood inlays. This cabinet is also true to its function. Each drawer locks with an accompanying period style skeleton key and slides smoothly on metal rails, giving this piece sleek and modern functionality in addition to its antique style beauty. The drawers themselves accommodate both legal- and letter-sized files, fit for any file storage need in the office. And of course, underneath all of this file cabinet’s striking appearance and considerable functionality is a sturdy, hand-crafted structure that will keep it strong for many years to come. This cabinet would certainly make an excellent addition to any tasteful English furniture collection!

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