Hand Made Cherry Draw Leaf Dining Table

This country style draw leaf dining table was recently hand-crafted in England using solid cherry. The table top expands from 7′ to 10′ for extra seating, making this table every bit as flexible as it is lovely to behold.

Classic draw leaf dining table design

For centuries, draw leaf dining tables like this one have remained more or less unchanged in their clever design. With the leaves drawn in, this table measures seven feet long. To expand the table to ten feet, one only needs to pull out the leaves from underneath the table top, which is felt-lined on the underside to prevent damage to the beautiful solid cherry wood on the leaves. This simple and convenient design is well suited for virtually any dining room where extra space might be useful on occasion but not on a daily basis.

Rich solid cherry wood

The solid cherry has been treated to an elaborate finishing process, with amazing results. The final hand-rubbed wax coating helps enrich and protect the natural beauty of the wood. The wax can also be re-applied twice a year to maintain the integrity of the coat. This table is thus astonishingly beautiful, as the rich cherry displays a deep, lustrous complexion and a pronounced grain. As part of the rustic design, small separations show between the planks in the table top and leaves, just as one would expect from an antique draw leaf dining table. Undoubtedly this heirloom quality table would make a fine addition to any period furniture collection.

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