Mahogany Pedestal Dining Table

This elegant mahogany pedestal dining table was recently crafted in England as a Georgian period reproduction. Inlaid with rich flame mahogany and satinwood, it would make a fine addition to any period furniture collection as a dining table or as an accent piece.

Rich flame mahogany with satinwood

The flame mahogany has been treated to an elaborate finishing process, ending in a fine coat of hand-rubbed wax that both enriches and protects the natural beauty of the wood. Satinwood banding forms a lovely border around the edge of the table, contrasting beautifully with the darker mahogany. Ebony and satinwood string inlay are likewise set into the table alongside the banding. The result is a gorgeous pedestal dining table that would look wonderful in any setting. However, in places the satinwood string inlay is uneven (as shown in the photos), while there is also a large veneer patch in the mahogany.

Classic Georgian style design

The overall design of this pedestal dining table follows classic Georgian style. The turned pedestal rests on fluted legs with brass panther feet that rest on casters. This basic design is quite elegant even in its simplicity. Suitable for dining rooms or offices, this style would complement any antique furniture collection. The pedestal base allows for plenty of leg room, while it also opens up the space beneath the table. Lastly the table disassembles very easily. Originally it was designed as a tilt top table, but has since been modified so that the table top screws into the base with four 3″ long screws. A single person could put the table top on and secure it very easily!

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