Reproduction Mahogany Pedestal Dining Table

This elegant mahogany pedestal dining table was recently crafted in England as a Georgian period reproduction. Made sometime in the last ten years and consisting of rich flame mahogany it would make a fine addition to any period furniture collection as a dining table or as a conference table.

Rich flame mahogany

The beautiful flame mahogany veneers have been done in a classic round table style. The “pie slice” shaped veneers are pressed on the table top to create a beautiful design with the grain of the wood. You will see a slightly lighter ring around the outside of the table which helps offset the edge. The finish of the table has a “swirly” appearance with lighter and darker areas mixed together as you can plainly see in the photos. You will also notice one lighter area in the table (see the close up picture) where a flaw in one of the veneers was filled in. This was done when the table was made and is under the finish.

Classic Georgian style design

The overall design of this pedestal dining table follows classic Georgian style. The slightly tapered square pedestal rests on shaped legs with brass panther feet that rest on casters. This basic design is quite elegant even in its simplicity. Suitable for dining rooms or offices, this style would complement any antique furniture collection. The pedestal base allows for plenty of leg room, while it also opens up the space beneath the table. Lastly the table disassembles very easily into the top and pedestal. The height from the floor to the bottom of the apron is 27″.

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