Mahogany Triple Bowfront Bookcase

This stunning mahogany triple bowfront bookcase was recently hand-crafted in England. Every bit as useful as it is beautiful, this magnificent piece contains eighteen adjustable shelves and disassembles into three sections for easy movement.

Classic antique Georgian style

The design of this bowfront bookcase follows classic Georgian style. The bowfront design itself is quite elegant and remains popular after centuries of gracing fine English furniture. The mahogany is inlaid with accentual satinwood, which contrasts beautifully with the darker wood. Finally the wood itself has been richly finished using a seven-stage process, ending in a fine coat of hand-rubbed wax, which both enriches and protects the natural beauty of the wood. The result is an incredibly beautiful bookcase that would make a great addition to any office furniture collection.

Modern functionality

Georgian design is not simply quite appealing, but it is also highly functional, hence its enduring popularity in office furniture today. All eighteen shelves are very thick and sturdy and adjust on alligator brackets spaced about 2″ apart all the way up and down the bookshelf sides. The three sections are all separate from one another but can be fastened together with a set of screws that come with the bookcase; the screw holes have already been drilled.

An heirloom quality bookcase

The underlying structure of this bookcase is made of thick, strong wood that will resist warping, splitting, and cracking. This is one benefit, of course, that contemporary furniture has over centuries-old antiques. What’s more, this hand-crafted bowfront bookcase will endure for many generations to come and look beautiful all the while, becoming a rich antique itself. Such bookcases are not simply a remarkable addition to the office, but they are also an investment that will retain their value for many years!

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