Mountbatten Style Swivel Green Leather Desk Chair

This Mountbatten style swivel green leather desk chair is wonderfully comfortable and engagingly beautiful. It would be a perfect addition to any office or home office.

Mountbatten style

We believe the Mountbatten style is named after Lord Mountbatten, 1st Earl Mountbatten of Burma. Lord Mountbatten held a plethora of British military titles throughout his career and served as a professional head of the British Armed Forces for longer than anyone to date. Whether the style was given the name as tribute to the man or the style is based off of something Lord Mountbatten owned is unknown, however the regal style is fitting for its name.

Swivel Leather Desk Chair

This chair was newly made in England by a highly skilled upholsterer with over 40 years of experience making leather furniture. The leather is a top grade hide of the utmost quality. It was treated to an elaborate coloring process that ends in a “rubbing” which leaves the raised areas a lighter color and the recesses darker. Each arm is supported with small, turned columns and covered in leather pads. The frame and base are solid mahogany and very strong. This swivel green leather desk chair is fully adjustable with a pneumatic height adjustment and tilt control/lock. You will not find a higher quality chair out there!
The seat height goes from 18″ at the lowest setting to 20.5″ at the highest while the arm height goes from 25.5″ to 28″ and the overall height from 41.5″ to 44″.

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