Pair of Ash Batheaston Stick Back English Windsor Dining Chairs

A pair of Batheaston made stick back English Windsor dining chairs made from ash. This gorgeous pair would be perfect as accent chairs or to increase the number of an existing set of chairs.

Pair of Windsor Dining Chairs

We originally purchased this pair of Windsor dining chairs when we started getting reproduction furniture to get an idea of the quality of Batheaston’s chairs. An associate had told us they were the best in the business and we were taken by surprise and just how well made these chairs are. They are made with solid ash throughout that has expertly bent curves. The legs are turned to the perfect proportions for the chairs. Each seat is made from a solid piece of wood and has been “scooped out” for a comfortable seating area. Despite appearances, these chairs are very comfortable to sit in even for long periods of time.

Batheaston Furniture Company

The maker of this pair of Windsor dining chairs is the Batheaston Furniture Company located in Harrogate, England. They are the absolute best Windsor dining chair makers in the world. Their company started in 1971 and they pride themselves in being a family run business dedicated to producing Windsor chairs of the utmost quality. Using only traditional, time tested methods they are quite successful at creating the perfect Windsor dining chair.

Windsor Dining Chair Style

The Windsor style dining chair has been around for over three hundred years. While its exact origin is not pinpoint-able, it is widely accepted that the design was probably engineered by a wheelwright as they had experience in bending wood. In addition the half round shape of the Windsor back imitates a wheel. Windsor chairs are sometimes called “wheelbacks”.

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