Pair of Batheaston Slat Back Windsor Dining Chairs

This pair of Batheaston made slat back Windsor dining chairs are quite eye-catching. They will make great additions to an existing set of Windsor dining chairs or as side or accent chairs.

Slat Back Windsor Dining Chairs

Made from solid ash, these slat back Windsor dining chairs are the finest quality chairs you can find. They are aptly named for the carved “slat” in the middle of the backrests. Plain Windsor dining chairs have the simple turned spokes across the entire backrest. The curved back and curved stretcher of this pair of slat back Windsor dining chairs is actually bent ash wood and not an imitation. Likewise, the seats are solid pieces of ash that have had the shape “scooped” out of them for comfortable sitting. These chairs are quite comfortable even when sat in for long periods of time.

The Best Windsor Chair Company

Batheaston Furniture Company in Harrogate, England is the finest Windsor chair making company in the world. Their standard of quality is second to none. As evident in this pair of slat back Windsor dining chairs they combine traditional wood bending methods and time honored hand polishing to provide top shelf quality products.

Versatile Dining Chairs

A pair of slat back Windsor dining chairs such as these can be used in many different styles of home. While originally a country style design, Windsor chairs have recently been used in more formal settings as well. They provide curved lines and gorgeous style to any surrounding. This pair should easily match an existing set of quality slat back Windsor dining chairs. They would also look very nice flanking a buffet or sideboard and could be pulled up to the table for larger gatherings.

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