Georgian Style Mahogany Pair of Bedside Chests

Made at the perfect height, this pair of bedside chests was recently crafted in England of the finest cathedral mahogany. This pair is not only beautiful, but very functional as well.

Pair of Bedside Chests

The furniture maker who made these chests in England has decades of furniture making experience which shows in the quality and artistry of his work. He has used age old techniques to craft this beautiful pair of bedside chests. Each nightstand has three drawers. Each of the three drawers is constructed with dovetailed joints for superior strength and durability when compared to other joining techniques. Beyond that, he has fitted each drawer with a pair of solid brass swan neck drop pulls. These antiqued brass pulls contrast the cathedral mahogany of the pair of bedside chests. Also offsetting the mahogany grain are the satinwood string inlays on each drawer front and each chest top. These are real inlays, expertly hammered into the mahogany.

Cathedral Mahogany

In contrast to the better known flame mahogany which has a flaring grain, cathedral mahogany has a straighter, more uniform grain. This gives the wood a “neater” look and allows the inlays used with it to really pop out visually. This pair of bedside chests benefits from both the cathedral mahogany and the subtle use of satinwood inlays to give the pair a clean, crisp look.

Georgian Style, Modern Function

This pair of bedside chests has many characteristics of the Georgian style furniture period. The slightly canted corners, pulls, and bracket feet are the most noteworthy. Because these nightstands are brand new, they function perfectly. The drawers slide in and out very easily and the chests do not have the odor that can accompany older chests. The maker also took the time to cant the front corners of the tops, which minimizes the sharp edges that you can potentially bump into. Overall this pair of bedside chests is a stunning find that could function very well as nightstands or complimenting side tables.

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