Pair Of Nightstands In Mahogany

Hailing from England, this hand crafted pair of nightstands are a beautiful example of English furniture. While excellent for use next to a bed, they would also function perfectly as matching end tables by a sofa or chairs.

Mahogany Pair Of Nightstands

These brand new bedside chests are of the utmost quality. The third generation furniture maker in England that built them uses time honored techniques to create heirloom quality pieces of furniture. The attention to detail in this pair of nightstands is amazing. The selection of fine mahogany wood is set off with antiqued brass ring pulls and satinwood bell-flower inlays. The bell-flower inlays are also known as “swag” inlays or garland inlays. Each of the tops is inlaid with a satinwood fan inlay, black line decal, and lighter mahogany band around the outside. The hand crafting process includes a seven stage hand rubbed finish, just like antique furniture that was built several hundred years ago. All of these details combine to make this pair of nightstands a stunning set.

Sturdy Furniture

You will notice that all of the drawers are joined with dovetailed (another term for mortise and tenon) joints. These joints make the drawers as strong as possible. It is important that drawers be dovetailed since they will receive the most use and abuse on a functional piece of furniture. This type of construction will help the piece to last for lifetimes! The feet used are a sturdy bracket foot which not provide superior stability to the nightstands, but also fit in with the Georgian style look of the chests.
Included in the pictures is a close up of one of the tops that has a slight mark in it. This mark is almost impossible to see unless the light is just right, but we wanted to show it anyways. The picture makes it look much more prevalent than it is.

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