Refectory Oak Dining Table

This refectory style oak dining table is hand-crafted in England using the finest in antique style furniture-making techniques and materials. The oak, for instance, is carefully hand-selected by a traditional third-generation English cabinetmaker, then treated to an elaborate hand-finishing process that spans many days. Included in the process are a hand distressing and hand-planing (also known as spokeshaving) as well as a fine hand-worked polishing. The oak selected for this table is quite beautiful, full of gnarls and knots even on the large pedestals. The refectory style design makes this a unique dining table, especially for its great size. Because of its size, this refectory style table could also be used as a rustic conference table. This refectory style table is truly a magnificent product of English craftsmanship and would make a fine addition to any home!

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