Round Pedestal Table in Flame Mahogany

Designed in a traditional Georgian style, this impeccable 4ft round pedestal table was only just hand-crafted by a third-generation cabinetmaker in the UK. Only the choicest woods and construction techniques were used, resulting in a lovely table that is ideal for any fine dining or office furniture collection.

Dining or office use

At four feet round, this pedestal table is just the right size for a small dining or conference table, while the formal style is perfect where a luxurious ambiance or professional setting is required. The pedestal design allows for maximum leg room so that four people can comfortably sit together, while setup and movement couldn’t be easier. The top simply secures into the pedestal base with four brass pins, with the base itself moving on solid brass casters. As a result this table is as convenient as it is beautiful.

Traditional Georgian style

Every aspect of this round pedestal table has been designed just as it would have been in the late 18th and early 19th centuries. Traditional features include the fluting around the table edge and on the three pedestal legs as well as the solid brass feet themselves and the star inlay design of the table top. The finished product is a classic round pedestal table whose timeless style has attracted discerning collectors for generations!

Rich mahogany

Even at first glance, it is immediately obvious that the selection of flame mahogany and rosewood banding used in this table is of the utmost quality. To begin, the flame mahogany and rosewood have been elaborately finished and coated with a fine, hand-rubbed layer of wax, which both enriches and protects the natural beauty of the wood. The result is a deep, lustrous wood complexion and a pronounced grain that will only continue to grow more beautiful as the decades pass and a patina settles into the wood. Additionally, the wood has been cut and arranged in a star pattern, with a delightful flower shape in the center, whose subtle yet readily apparent outline makes this round pedestal table not just an excellent example of English craftsmanship, but a truly unique heirloom quality piece.

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