Set of 10 Mahogany Shield Back Dining Chairs

This lovely set of ten mahogany dining chairs consists of eight side chairs and two arm chairs. The solid mahogany is lovely with a great color that will go well with any mahogany or even cherry table. Each chair is heavy and well built so they will last a lifetime!

Hepplewhite Style Shield Back Dining Chairs

The shield back design on these chairs is a Hepplewhite style. The hand carved details are quite attractive and the chair is further augmented with some subtle satinwood inlays in the middle of the shield. The wonderful finish of the wood is as nicely done on the backs of the chairs as the front, so they look lovely no matter which way you view them. The arm chairs also have tasteful hand carved details around the arms. Each chair features tapered legs, consistent with the Hepplewhite style. These legs also have fluted (carved line details) details, giving the chairs a little more character.

Sturdy Construction

This set of ten mahogany dining chairs was hand made and is of the utmost quality. They are very stable chairs and that can be felt when you pick one of the chairs up. They are heavy and substantial. The seats have a nice white fabric on them. The seats themselves will come out (they are attached with four screws from underneath) so recovering them is easy if necessary. The two armchairs measure 27″ wide x 21.5″ deep x 41″ tall and have an arm height of 27.5″. The side chairs measure 22″ wide x 21.5″ deep x 40″ tall. All of the chairs have a seat height of 20″.
This is a beautiful set of brand new dining chairs that would make a lovely addition to any home!

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