Yew Wood Antique Breakfront Bookcase

A stunning yew wood antique breakfront bookcase that was made in England around 1980.  It features two locking astragal glazed glass doors and an arched open section in the middle with glass shelves and a light.

Antique Breakfront Bookcase

The back of this antique breakfront bookcase is tagged with a label from Lexerten Furniture in England. This company still exists today making hand crafted furniture. We estimate this was made by them around 1980. There is another label on the back as well showing the original buyer was Skiver on “week 26″. Over the years this antique breakfront bookcase has been kept in excellent condition. There are very few wear marks here and there as you would expect from a piece of this age. The top middle section has a light that we recently changed out to work with US electric circuits. The very top is adorned with a dentil moulded cornice. All of the shelves in the top section have a depth of 10″ and are adjustable with a brass pigeon hole system. Below the top is a row of three drawers. Each drawer slides in and out effortlessly. Lexerten has shown their attention to detail in this antique breakfront bookcase in the dovetailed drawer joints. The drawers also each feature a swan neck brass pull. Below the drawers are three cabinet doors. The middle and left doors open up to reveal a large storage space with a wooden shelf and the right drawer is a smaller section also with a wooden shelf. Finally this antique breakfront bookcase sits on a sturdy plinth base.

Yew Wood

The wood used is a beautiful selection of yew wood containing plenty of flare in the grain. Yew wood furniture like this is hard to find and extremely beautiful. All of the doors lock with included keys and the entire antique breakfront bookcase comes apart in two sections (top and bottom) for easier transporting. You won’t find a lovelier cabinet out there so don’t miss this one!

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