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Walnut Antique Tea Caddy
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    A wonderful walnut antique tea caddy from England.
  • IMG_1046
    There are minor scuffs here and there.
  • rside
    Great looking inlay was done on the corners.
  • lside
    The inlay helps accentuate the wood.
  • lsideopen
    A beautiful box!
  • panels
    Two decorative lids can be found inside.
  • frntopen
    The knobs on the lids do not match.
  • frontopenopen
    Tea caddy interior.
  • top
    This is a top down view showing the brass handle.
  • back
    A view of the back.
  • wovenbot
    The bottom.

Walnut Antique Tea Caddy

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SKU: MB592 Shipping: $20 Availability: Sold Origin Date: 1890 Condition: Good Dimensions: 9.25" w x 5.25" d x 4.75" h Wood: Walnut Customizable: No Category: Tags: ,

Product Description

Tea used to be a very valuable commodity and items like this walnut antique tea caddy were made to store and protect it. Their main job was to keep servants or guests from taking pinches of the tea as a thief would usually take the whole box and smash it open to get the goods inside.

Walnut Tea Caddy

This particular box was made around 1890 in England from walnut wood. Satinwood string inlay was used to accent the corners. This somewhat simple design allowed the natural beauty of the walnut wood to shine through. A simple ivory colored escutcheon and brass handle add some elegance as well. Inside are two compartments each with their own lid. These lids are decorated with a satinwood and ebony inlay of their own.


Overall this walnut antique tea caddy is in good condition. It has general wear you would expect in the form of tiny dings here and there which are apparent in the photos. There is no key for the piece. The knobs on the lids inside appear to have been replaced and do not exactly match. Structurally the caddy is very sound and the hinges feel quite strong. It would make a lovely display piece!

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