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How to Care for Your Leather Antique Furniture

How to Care for Your Leather Antique Furniture
December 31, 2010 Peter Hemerlein

Recently, we have started carrying a large variety of beautiful antique leather sofas, chesterfields, and chairs. Both the vintage and replica English leather pieces we are carrying have a great look. As with any new line, we have been asked several questions about how to care for the leather, so I have compiled this list of suggestions for keeping your leather antique furniture purchase in tip top shape.

  • First and foremost leather is very susceptible to fading in direct sunlight. Leather pieces should not be keep in direct sunlight.
  • Also, dry heat will cause leather to crack and dry out prematurely.
  • All leather crackles over time. This is part of the natural aging process and can really add character to your piece. The key to keeping the crackle from becoming splits or worse is to keep your leather conditioned. Leather conditioner can be found in a variety of places including the hardware store and most automotive stores. Use a quality leather conditioner twice a year to ensure the leather stays pliable.
  • Leather can be dusted or vaccumed regularly, however, use only a soft cloth, slightly damp if need be. Avoid dousing the leather in water, as it will leave spots.
  • Light scratches can sometimes be buffed out with a clean finger. Small nicks can be colored in with some leather dyes (see your local automotive store). Larger or deeper scratches are almost impossible to repair and you will need to have a professional take a look at them.

As with any piece of furniture, prevention is much easier than repair. The above tips should help you keep your new sofa or chair in wonderful condition, so it can be enjoyed for years to come.