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Why Buy Reproduction Furniture?

Why Buy Reproduction Furniture?
October 16, 2009 Chris

So you may be in the market for antique furniture, but there are often good reasons for buying reproduction furniture. My last post on reproductions prompted a conversation with a friend of mine about whether buying reproductions at all is a good idea when you can just go for antiques, especially since good, handmade reproductions can sometimes be more expensive than the real thing. So I decided to put together a list of the top three reasons for buying a reproduction instead of an antique:

  1. You may want something flawless that looks new but is in an antique style. If it is an actual antique, you’re probably looking at forking over a lot of dough. If you wanted an actual Georgian version of this walnut linen press, for instance, I would guess you would need at least $15-20k. A reproduction might set you back only $5k.
  2. You may need something that is rare or practically impossible to find. Some dealers, like us for instance, can make anything you can dream up.
  3. You may need a suite of matching or similar furniture; depending on what it is you need, this can be quite difficult. Most of the time when someone needs a group of items, they’re looking to outfit an office. So you can get your desk, credenza, bookcase and filing cabinet in one place, with the same leather and wood types if you want—and have them all look antique.